Sun King packaging

Tanel Veenre has designed the cheerful Sun King series of plates and cups, which charms you with pastel and dark colours: moss green, deep eggplant, etc. Different creatures form patterns on plates and cups: seahorses, dragonflies and barnacles. The dishes are made of the highest quality fine bone china.

The author had the packaging in place: brown corrugated cardboard, decorated with a black paper belt with gold print. The solution is well thought out. If you take the plate out of the package and separate the paper belt, it is possible to recycle the package again. In addition, the filling material of the package (wool blanket, corrugated cardboard) and the personalized paper belt can also be easily recycled.

The customer consciously wanted a paper belt with a beautiful and deep texture. We went through several options and chose the cardboard Fedrigoni Tintoretto Ceylon Black Pepper from Italy. Unbelievably the texture and tone of this paper really resemble peppercorns.

In screen printing, the colours remain with a stronger coating and the print mark is smooth, but you may not see the paper texture anymore. That’s why we decided to print the paper belts with digital gold, where the colours remain thinner. The result was wonderful: perfect coverage, good font sharpness, a beautiful golden tone, and the paper texture could be seen from the imprint. Digital printing offers a significant benefit of being able to produce test prints effortlessly, enabling a quick evaluation of the outcome’s suitability. For instance, during the Sun King project, we adjusted the font size slightly after examining the first print samples.

We made paper belts with grooves and added adhesive strips, which make packaging more convenient.

loe rohkem