About Us


Studio KIND was created to offer the option of printing on clothes and interior design fabrics made from rPET and natural materials (i.e., cotton, wool, silk). This idea evolved into a more comprehensive concept of a specialised design and printing studio that would provide graphic design and printing solutions to businesses, organisations and private projects.  KIND focuses on designing and printing on fabrics, clothes, bags, gifts, interior design elements, gift and product packages, books and other items. It is very important to us that our products express love for people and the environment, while not compromising on spectacular design and superior aesthetic style.


Marius-Guy Allik

Project manager

Marius finds inspiration in visually emotive and meaningful paper prints. He believes that you cannot create a truly outstanding printing project without a truthful idea, heartfelt design, high-quality materials or superb printing techniques. Nine years of experience in printing production and a passion for his work have given Marius extensive knowledge on materials and production nuances. His creative approach and dedication in project management will turn even the simplest design into printing art!

Hannah Kivisild

Product designer, partner

In her designs, Hannah focuses on carefully considered simplicity and empathy. She finds it exciting to delve deep into the nature and visual language of different projects, and her creative work is based on this. Hannah’s favourite field is the design of learning materials and games, which she also studied at the University of Art and Design in Burg Giebichenstein, Germany. Her own creative works include learning materials for children, colouring books and illustrated board games. Hannah is a very responsible, smart and hard-working team member!v

Helina Allik

Fashion designer, stylist

Helina is fascinated by Estonian design: be it pattern or tone-on-tone fabrics, or interesting designer clothes. She is the one who helps us select quality products, always taking the specificities of the materials and seasonal trends into account. Helina ensures that the garments we print on are skin-friendly, based on high-quality patterns and ethically manufactured. She also works as a hair stylist, designs beautiful dresses and manages a small homewear company called Õdus (‘Cosy’).

Maarja Sein

Photographer, partner

Maarja has always loved to capture beautiful moments around her. Her journey as a photographer began when her family gifted her an SLR camera and a photography course.  She likes to capture sincere and simple moments that others might not notice. Her portfolio includes photos of various products, events, people, nature and times. Maarja is a warm person who is easy to communicate with. In addition to taking photos, she is also great at directing artistic photo shoots.