what kind of printing techniques do you usually use?

The main printing techniques we use are silk-screen printing, DTG, embroidery, sublimation, latex, ink technique, blind stamping, embossed printing, offset, engraving, UV, etc. When selecting our printing techniques, we highly value eco-friendliness and high-quality embossment. We regularly write about printing techniques on our blog, and if you have more complex questions, you can book a video appointment on our homepage!

why should i prefer eco-friendly products or materials?

Eco-friendly products have a clean scent or are unscented, and they are healthier for the consumer and the environment. They create a stronger emotion as they look natural and simply beautiful. If you would like to know more about our products, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter on the About us page!

can i also order products without prints?

Most of the products can also be ordered without the prints. Some brands may require that their products are only sold with prints, but we have smart solutions for this. Come for a consultation and we can go through your options together!

how much does it cost to create a design file?

The price of design work greatly depends on the time the designer spends on it. Smaller and simpler design work can be performed quickly, even on the same day. More complex and demanding design tasks require more time, because they involve finding a comprehensive concept, putting in a lot of creative effort and performing extensive technical work. To get a specific offer, please send us all the ideas, structures, logos, texts, files, pictures, etc. regarding the design!

how much does printing on different products cost?

The price of printing depends on the product, volumes and printing technology. The larger the volume, the cheaper the printing. The price of the service is also determined by the size or location of the printed area, or the number of pages. To get a precise offer, please contact us!

are eco-friendly products more expensive and of lower quality?

The price has more or less reached the level of regular products, but there can definitely be exceptions. The production of green suppliers is generally of very high quality: thicker materials, high-quality seams and comfortable styles, excellent design and practical product selection. These are mostly producers who want to offer something that is ethically manufactured, well-thought-out, and preserves our living environment!

is it possible to see and try the products?

You can order the samples to your home or office, or visit our studio at Telliskivi 60a/2. If you want to visit us, we suggest booking an appointment to find out whether the product of interest is available at our studio. Contact us by phone or e-mail!


how can i visualise the appearance of the print on the product?

Before sending the products for printing, we always send them to the customer for review and approval. It is possible to change the project at this stage, if necessary!

what kind of file should i send to the design team?

We accept all types of files and will make sure they are suitable! 

A good choice is a vector graphics file saved in the following formats: pdf, ai, eps, cdr. If you need your printed product to have very exact colours, we suggest that you also send the PMS colour codes.

what is the delivery time of the products?

The delivery time depends on the product and its country of origin. The delivery time is mostly from one day up to two weeks. If the ordering time for a specific product is too long for you, we can always find alternative solutions that are less time-consuming. We will provide specific delivery information for each order separately.

do you also offer express services, if needed?

Many of the products can also be ordered as an express service. Generally, the speed of the service depends on the volume, delivery time of the products, our workload, and also the complexity of the design or printing techniques. Please contact us, so that we can agree on the production time and make an offer for the express service!

how long does it take for a customer to get an offer?

Generally, we will answer your queries at the first opportunity, on the same day. If you have an urgent question, you can give us a call!

Do you have a different question?

Contact us and we will give you the answers you need!