Promo Cash & Carry brochures

Promo Cash & Carry is a chain of wholesale stores known for its very wide range of products. Promo Cash & Carry is a wholesale supermarket chain with a wide range of products.

In large companies, everything runs on time. Print is like a sport. Promo Cash & Carry set the timer and wanted brochures in the same day.

The starting bell had ringed and we knew exactly what we had to do to win a gold. We realised that product catalogues are mostly used on a short-term basis and need to contain a lot of information – descriptions, pictures, prices, etc. We therefore printed the brochures on 494x345mm and on a thinner 90g paper, which was more sustainable for the project. Thinner paper with a good finish is very strong, isn’t seethrough too much and is cheaper to print on.

Kind’s courier rushed the order to Promo Cash & Carry. Nedezda, the wonderful manager, gave us a customer card as a thank you, which is as good as winning a first place.

loe rohkem