Rahmqvist` s practical notebook

A representative of Rahmqvist came to us around Christmas, looking to place a rush order for 50 large notebooks for their salespeople. As they already had environmental principles in place dating back to 1983, we therefore focused on sustainability.

Since Christmas is the busiest time in printing, we had to work quickly. They initially requested a hardcover notebook, but we soon replaced it with a paperback, given that it would require significantly less resources to produce.

Our designer designed a 554-page notebook in just two days, where each day had to be on a separate page, which was immediately sent to print.

For the inside of the notebook, we chose the eco-friendly 90 g Munken paper with a yellowish hue. For the cover, we used a thicker, 400 g paper, which we decided to slightly laminate, as the notebooks are used at work and have to last for the entire year. The notebook was bound with an extra-large metal spiral, which perfectly holds a lot of pages.

loe rohkem