POCO artwork labels and banners

PoCo is POP! It’s Tallinn’s newest pop art museum, showcasing the world’s greatest pop art icons from the past, present, and future.

As the grand opening of POCO approached, we faced numerous printing projects that required quick and efficient execution, and we were thrilled to be part of the process. Our collaboration included the production of author labels, quote banners, team apparel, souvenir stickers, and t-shirts featuring artwork from various artists.

For the artist t-shirts, we took great care in printing on white and off-white organic cotton t-shirts (S/S Creator) using water-based inks that seamlessly blend into the fabric. Each color was printed individually to ensure exceptional quality and precise colors. Visitors to the exhibition can view and purchase these unique t-shirts showcasing the artists’ works.

In total, we printed a limited edition of 3×35 shirts, managing to complete the project within a mere two days and delivering the finished products just in time for the grand opening. To provide our client with a stress-free experience, we even took care of ironing and folding the t-shirts, ensuring they were perfectly presented for the event.

To further enhance the museum experience, we designed and created souvenir stickers for visitors to take home as mementos. Additionally, we crafted visitor stickers that could be gently affixed to clothing without causing any damage.

The souvenir stickers were printed using water-based colors, making them resistant to light scratches and UV radiation, ensuring they maintain their vibrant appearance for years to come.

Furthermore, we were entrusted with creating labels bearing the names of the artists and, in some instances, banners featuring inspirational quotes from the artists. To achieve an elegant and professional look, we produced 2mm thick author labels and citation banners with sleek black borders and white text. This process involved the meticulous addition of black natural paper to the cardboard, followed by precise printing of the black labels with white text, resembling a work of art in itself.

At our printing studio, we embrace challenges and thrive on creating exceptional products, even when tight deadlines are involved. We are always prepared to take on exciting projects!

loe rohkem