Pizza Restaurant´s wine menu

One day, our office was filled with the aroma of warm pizza, and we were presented with the opportunity to create wine lists for Kaja Pizza, a popular restaurant known for serving Neapolitan-style pizza.

At Kaja Pizza, you always feel right at home, yet simultaneously experience a sense of uniqueness and joy. Keeping this in mind, our objective was to blend simplicity with celebration.

We translated the essence of Kaja Pizza into our design and printing approach. Employing winter textured paper as our canvas, we achieved a harmonious balance by incorporating white prints and an eye-catching foil-printed logo. To enhance the Mediterranean ambiance, we included lively graphics of pizza slices and wine glasses.

What could complement pizza better than a glass of wine? Moreover, we have learned that the wheat flour used by Kaja Pizza is so pure that even those with gluten intolerance can savor it without any concerns.

Visit Kaja Pizza at Õle 33, or conveniently order a pizza to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

loe rohkem