making Ökosahver visible

In addition to organic food, the product range of Ökosahver includes natural cosmetics and environmentally sustainable detergents and cleaning products. The primary mission of Ökosahver is to offer high-quality food.

Ökosahver came to us wanting a variety of printed materials, all of which had to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They needed gift cards, business cards, store signs, bags, sweatshirts, T-shirts and flags. They already had their own great logo and design.

We made technical corrections in all the files, reviewed the proportional distances and sizes of the fonts and advised them on how best to place the designs on the products.

The client chose a 100% cotton carrier bag with great capacity. It was really important for the bag to have a long strap, so it could be comfortably worn on the shoulder, and it needed to be durable enough to withstand some weight. The natural fabric is elegant and the marl carries nature’s own design on the bag. The logo was applied to the bag using the silk screen technique, as we wanted to make sure that the bag, intended for frequent use, retains the logo for a long time and can support some weight.

The clothing was selected from the Stanley/Stella product range, which is 100% cotton and has a unisex cut. A small logo was applied on the left side chest area combined with a larger logo covering the entire back.

For printed materials, we offered various solutions. The gift card and business card design were digitally printed on textured paper of 300 g and 400 g.

loe rohkem