Bring the calendar to the trip

If someone asks you to design the most special calendars in the world, this task can make even an experienced designer a little worried. We had to design shipping-related wall calendars for LTH Base that would be unique and win hearts.

At the beginning of the design process, we dressed the cruise ships in Estonian national patterns and lace, but it seemed more appealing to the female members of LTH. We worked on the design and came up with the basic idea of ships visiting different cities and places. During the calendar months, marine vessels, city and sea views, and mechanical parts of marine vessels (anchor, engine) could be alternated.

Among the illustrations we created, the most liked was the graphics of sailboats near the city, based on which we designed the detail of the sailboat for the calendar. We felt that it could become a nautical-themed keepsake that could also be used separately from the calendar. So, we designed the sailboat as an embossed sticker that is easy to attach to different surfaces – laptops and table lamps.

We printed the calendars double-sided to reduce the printed mass by 100%. In addition, we replaced the traditional spiral and hanging hook in the calendar header with a simple punched hole that allows you to hang the calendar on the wall. Know that the hanging hole can also be designed in different shapes and sizes – a ship, a star.

We had to fit a lot of information into the calendars (illustrations, flags, logo) and at the same time, it had to be convenient to take it with you on a trip or send it by mail. We made the calendars in a square shape and in A3 size so that the information would be easy to follow on the wall, but the calendar would also fit in hand luggage.

LTH Baas CEO’s comment on the completed project: “I have never met such talented designers before!”

loe rohkem