golden print solutions

Located in the Rotermann Quarter, Savannah is a prestigious beauty salon with a rich history and a fantastic view of Rotermann Square from its second-floor premises. As a reliable printing partner, they regularly order various printing materials from us, including logo-branded chocolates, past work history cards, notepads, and business cards.

In the past, Savannah faced an issue where silk-screened logos on barber capes would gradually come off due to constant exposure to chemicals and frequent washing. We devised a brilliant solution by cutting the logo out of white vinyl and heat pressing it onto the existing capes, ensuring a durable and long-lasting logo without any peeling paint issues. This innovative approach proved to be a sustainable solution, providing lasting results.

The salon’s main focus is to offer customers an unforgettable experience. Upon their visit, customers are treated to coffee accompanied by dark chocolates decorated with the salon’s logo. The main colors of the salon are black and gold, complemented by white, creating an elegant and luxurious ambiance.

We printed their logo on the chocolates, along with their website address. The chocolates are surrounded by a black paper wrapper with gold lettering, giving them an exquisite appearance. Achieving a gold effect can be done with gold ink, but we opted for a more cost-effective solution by simulating gold using a combination of four CMYK colors, resulting in impressive and visually appealing outcomes. We provided the client with a print file with different color codes and made proof prints of the golden chocolates, collaborating closely with their representatives to select the closest match to the desired golden tone.

We believe that test prints are essential for ensuring customer satisfaction and product excellence, even though many printing houses do not offer this service, especially for free.

Savannah’s partnership with us reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding quality and customer-focused service in every project we undertake.

loe rohkem