detailed logo creation

A company specializing in road, square and landscape construction approached us with a clear vision: it needed a logo, a logo book and a comprehensive identity for its company.

The client had a clear vision for the logo. They wanted a widespread solution: a logo that symbolizes both a tree and a landscape with roads. The chosen color scheme included shades of orange and brown.

Given the predominantly male-oriented industry, the logo and font had to exude masculinity. The colors are inspired by fire and lava, which symbolize power and energy. The client was very detailed in his requirements, so we painstakingly finished each tree branch and adjusted the colors and their intensity. We carefully studied various fire and lava images to identify the perfect color tones and transitions that best represented their vision.

Logos find application on work vests, vehicle decals, business cards, company website and various social media platforms. In addition, we created a logo book that describes the placement of the logo on important printed materials and objects, accompanied by versatile print-ready files in various formats. This makes it easy for the client to use the logo in different contexts and there is no need to worry if everything was done correctly.

loe rohkem