BONOBO´s scented candle line

BONOBO is an Estonian cosmetics brand intended for women who appreciate nature and a natural look. Kristi Kalluste, the founder of BONOBO, creates many wonderful products using hand-picked Estonian plants and unrefined organic shea butter. It is a pleasure to see that the brand offers the opportunity to reuse their jars – so next time grab your empty BONOBO jar and get the new product at a discount!

BONOBO came to us looking to make the design of their candles more seamlessly integrated with the rest of their product range.

BONOBO candles are available in three scent options: lemongrass, lavender and juniper. In the original design, the styles of the lid and product stickers did not match and the beige tone used in the background of the sticker was somewhat distracting and did not look very elegant in print. The product information sticker on the underside of the candle had a black background and white text, which in terms of design seemed somewhat out of place, as the BONOBO brand itself is really bright and joyful. The jar was not smooth at the bottom, which caused the sticker to wrinkle, and the final result was of poor quality.

We made stickers in various sizes and harmonised the design of the lid, product and product information sticker. We incorporated the colours used in the colourful logos into the product stickers and created a suitable illustration to go with each scent. As the product information sticker did not work on the underside of the jar, we proposed making a double-sided product label, which can be tied around the candle with a beautiful ribbon.

For printing, we used slightly textured natural paper and a water-based ink, which complies with high environmental standards.

Our cooperation with BONOBO was very rewarding, and thanks to their lavender-scented candle, our office now smells wonderful!

loe rohkem