a colourful childrens book

We were able to participate in the design and production of a children’s book. The author Anneli Jaeger wrote a great and instructive book “Vigurike mõtlusmatk,” which was illustrated by Triinu Noormets. The book contains topics that can be discussed with children and make them think about how to deal with their fears. Why we get angry and how to apologise later. Such social skills are important to Anneli and she believes that she can also support other families with this book.

When compiling the book, we had to consider several factors. Since it is still a children’s book, the book covers had to be durable so that the joy of reading would last for generations to come. Therefore, we decided to protect the lids with a thin laminate, finished with a soft velvet effect. We wanted the book to leave the child with a good feeling when holding it, while the illustrations on the cover would be protected from stronger injuries and stains.

For the cover and title page paper, we chose a cheerful corn yellow shade from Kaskad, which fit with the illustrations wonderfully.

We printed the stories and pictures on Munken Lynx paper using the offset printing technique. The natural and slightly pale tone of the paper was a great foundation, which together with the illustrations created a nostalgic atmosphere.

500 books were printed and you can meet those lovely book characters in larger bookstores such as Rahva Raamat or Apollo!

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